Jamiat & Vande Mataram Controversy

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind upholds its fatawa to oppose Vande mataram. What I understand from the news is that they are opposing the national song on the basis that they believe in one god and won’t bow in front of anyone else but the almighty Allah.

If I understand the principle of One GOD for the universe correctly then He is the supreme power, there is nothing beyond Him. He is beyond time, beyond matter, beyond world. Even Hinduism has the principle of One GOD. Adwait Siddhant. (I named my son Adwait)

My simple question is when you accept this principle, then you need to accept that there is no evil because then God does not remain One and Only. There is someone else who is BEYOND GOD. The EVIL. SO the Supreme Power has to be really neutral. Not Good not Bad. So when you accept this, you are part of God himself and He is not separate from you. So how can you bow in Front of Him? He is every where and there is no front, no back.

The Almighty Allah is also there in your mother-land and when you bow/ salute your mother-land, you bow to Thee. In fact, if you know there is only one God, then you should really be humble because he is everywhere.

So why are these Ulama’s opposing a patriotic song? The original song is long back chopped off the controversial parts and rejected as national anthem. India now sings a song which was originally written for King George V as its national anthem. In this song, we ask blessings of Bharat (Tawa shubha aashish maange). So are these folks going to oppose the national anthem as well?

Dirty politics of creating hatred by spreading ignorance in name of religion what else?

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