Que Sera Sera – 20 yrs after graduation

While driving to office in the morning, I just realized that my entire batch completed 20 years of their graduation this year. So when I started thinking about all my batch-mates and where they are today and what we thought they will be when we were in college.

About 5-6 years back when I was living on planet Orkut, I made some friends and met a few but there was no real value add in being on social network at that time. All you could see around is pictures created with letters, birthday greetings, seasons greeting and so on. Most of those I was contacting / connecting on these networks were already on my cell phone contacts and lifting the phone to talk to them was easier.

As the years are passing, many of the old friends are drifting physically away from each other and suddenly two things happened to me or began happening. I was on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Suddenly this year I have started connecting to old friends again. I used to blog also but the readership was pretty limited. With these social networks I am reaching many more of my old pals. Continue reading “Que Sera Sera – 20 yrs after graduation”

Swine Flu Freaks

By now my hometown Pune has become kind of swine flu capital of India. One can infer that there are more people coming into Pune from USA & Europe than Banglore and we Puneri people can also claim that we are ahead of Banglore in the IT capital race. While it is really tragic to see young children die of this killer flu, it is also providing some sort of entertainment in our daily life. There is a panic in the city and people are taking all sort of precautions to save themselves. Me and my Puneri friends could not stay away from the wit and sarcasm Pune is known for. So here is the list of some freak scenes around the city and offices.

The Masketeers

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